Meet the Team
  • H. Jordan Smith

    H. Jordan Smith - CEO/Founder


    After graduating from Oregon State University School of Engineering in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Jordan has been immersed in the Information Technology world. Jordan started the company in 2010 and has lead Velox Systems to develop industry leading solutions to the modern technology needs.

    Continuing education is a major component to what we do, always staying ahead of the game. Jordan has experience in all types of enterprise level technology, has implemented and maintained dozens of networks, studied under the FBI for malware and corporate espionage prevention, and worked under several of the top-minds in the IT industry during his career.

    Jordan is a native to Bend, Oregon and a Cougar fan. It was the outdoor atmosphere that drew him back to Bend in 2007 where he would meet his wife Shannon who had an equal love for nature and the open skies. Along with their three little ones they now live in Bend, Oregon and are deeply involved in the community here.

  • Micah Wood

    Micah Wood - CIO/Senior Systems Engineer


    Being a native to Bend and a graduate of Mountain View High School, Micah has been involved in computers since 2001. He has attended COCC and OIT pursuing degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.

    In a world where too much time is spent on the phone with someone you can hardly understand, we believe that thorough communication from your IT professional is the key to a smooth technology experience. Micah takes pride in making sure each of our customers is well taken care of.

    Micah enjoys living in Bend with his wife and two daughters they enjoy the multitude of outdoor activities here. He is also very involved in the community as an Audio Engineer and Musician.

  • Anthony McMillian

    Anthony McMillian - COO/Support Manager

    After building his first computer in high school, Anthony’s fascination for technology began to grow. Ever since, he has immersed himself into anything IT related, including hardware infrastructure, coding, and software infrastructure.

    Constantly continuing his pursuit of knowledge, Anthony obtained an Associate’s Degree from COCC, a Bachelor’s degree from Liberty University, and is currently finishing up his Master’s degree through Liberty University. As technology is ever expanding and growing at a rapid rate, having a thirst for knowledge is a must in the technology world. This ensures clients are well taken care of and protected.

    Anthony has lived in Central Oregon since 1999 and continues to enjoy the amazing community and outdoor experiences with his wife and two daughters. Anthony also enjoys being heavily involved with the youth of the community in outreach opportunities.

  • Austin Russell

    Austin Russell - Service Desk Technician

    Austin started his career in technology at a very young age in electronic gaming. He built his first PC at age 12 and earned a Bachelor’s of Science, Electronics Engineering and a Minor in Computer Science. In his spare time, he spends time with his wife, baby girl and his church community.
  • Paul Smith

    Paul Smith - Service Desk Technician

    Paul’s experience encompasses eight years in the tech industry working for colleges, local government, and hospice organizations. He chose the IT field because he really enjoys helping people.

    Paul has worked throughout the country in a variety of roles during his eight years, finally arriving in Bend in April 2015. His hobbies include reading, PC gaming, and Magic the Gathering.

  • Chris Krause

    Chris Krause - Service Desk Technician

    Chris had his first taste of the tech industry back in the 7th grade when he assisted with computer lab upgrades in his school. From there, he grew his knowledge base by tinkering and research in his spare time. With 4 years of professional experience and continuing education through COCC, Chris strives to provide the best service and solutions for our clients.

    Born and raised right here in Bend, Chris has watched Bend grow over the years and loves doing all the things Central Oregon. He spends as much time outside as he can. Whether that’s working out in his yard or going camping up at one of our lakes with his wife and 3 dogs.

  • David Brandt

    David Brandt - Service Desk Technician

    David has over 4 years of experience in the technical support field. He has provided support for industries including retail, medical facilities, hotels/resorts, restaurants and small to medium size business. David's technical abilities include but are not limited to email support, wired/wireless networking, server support and general helpdesk support. David’s main goal is provide excellent service in a timely and efficient manner.

    David and his fiancé are new to the Bend area and loves to explore Central Oregon with all it has to offer in the great outdoors! His favorite way to experience the outdoors is to go camping with his fishing pole and trusty hammock.

    David is driven by his joy in problem solving.

  • Shannon Smith

    Shannon Smith - CFO

    Shannon Smith is the co-owner and CFO at Velox Systems. Shannon has a background in bookkeeping and tax preparation before joining the Velox Systems team as their accountant. Shannon adds a personal touch to the company as she invests time and effort into the experience of all clients and staff.

    Shannon was born and raised in Bend with a strong sense of adventure. These days while not at the office Shannon chases her three little ones and is highly involved in their education and our community.

  • Anna Stine

    Anna Stine - Customer Advocacy Representative

    Anna is our customer service specialist and Technical Dispatcher. Anna has worked in customer service for several years and specializes in keeping the experience of our clients as our priority. “I love knowing that I have done my part for each and every client. My goal at the end of each day is to know that everyone has received our best all day long.” Anna also works relentlessly to dispatch and schedule all service request to see each one through to its completion.

    Anna and her husband are native to Central Oregon and love to experience all this beautiful state has to offer. Anna is also involved in the local community and volunteers to serve the youth of Bend.

  • Harrison Womack

    Harrison Womack - Sales Manager

    Harrison grew up in Sisters, OR. His career starting at the landmark coffee shop Sisters Coffee Company. He helped them grow during the great recession when most companies were shrinking. In 2012 he moved to Phoenix and worked with the military and public safety markets effectively store sensitive equipment and supplies. At that company he was one of the techiest and one of the youngest people there. In 2016 when he started at Velox as the Sales Manager he was one of the least techy people, and one of the older ones. 

    Today, he spends his business time helping clients to close vulnerabilities in the IT structure and keep their systems efficient and secure. He also covers the marketing for Velox and enjoys getting the word out about how they can help them.

    Harrison enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, and road and mountain biking. He, his wife and three sons live in Bend and enjoy getting out in the country whenever they can.

    “In everything I do, I like to help people reach their goals, whether that’s employees, friends or clients. I love helping people get the right things done. I believe that all of life has meaning, including our professional lives.”

  • Lisa Ellefson

    Lisa Ellefson - Service Technician

    Lisa first encountered computers and programing when she was nine with a cast-off Ti-99 (google it). Since then she has been fascinated with technology. After working for a small consulting firm for several years she decided it was time to make it official and got her Microsoft Technology Associate Certificate in networking. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at Colorado Technical University.

    Lisa moved to Bend in 1999 and when she isn’t being a complete technology nerd, you’ll find her watching her kids sporting events, off-roading, camping, or riding Central Oregon trails on horseback. 

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