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32 Bit vs 64 Bit Windows?

What do these designations mean?

The two terms refer to how a computer processor handles information. A 64-bit Windows can handle larger amounts of RAM (Random Access Memory) more effectively than a 32-bit, and the difference is substantial. A 64-bit can handle nearly 4 billion times the amount of a 32-bit.

Why do some programs ask me which bit of Windows I’m running?business-it-support

Because of the added capabilities of the 64-bit processors, some programs have been designed specifically to capitalize on those abilities. These programs can run faster and do more than their 32-bit counterparts. However, all 32-bit programs can run on a 64-bit processors. That being said, many programmers have chosen to simply write their programs as 32-bit so that any Windows computer can run it.

Which type of computer should I get?

We would recommend that if you are buying a new computer, get a 64-bit version. Most new computers are going to be 64-bit anyway, and this will ensure your computer stays relevant as long as possible.

How can I tell which type my computer is running?

It’s pretty easy:

Windows 10: Right Click on the Windows Icon –> Click on “System”

Windows 7/Vista: Click on the Windows Button –> Right Click on “My Computer” –> Click “Properties”

The next screen will show you the bit type of processor, your RAM, and your processor speed.