Kristine Luque, Author at Velox Systems

The Unseen Guardians: Understanding the Crucial Link Between Physical Security and Cybersecurity

Introduction: In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity, where digital threats loom large, it’s easy to overlook the importance of physical security. The reality is that physical security plays a pivotal role in safeguarding sensitive information and digital assets. In this blog post, we will explore the often underestimated connection between physical security and cybersecurity […]

Ransomware Resilience: An In-Depth Exploration and Proactive Defense Strategies

Introduction: Within the complex realm of cybersecurity, ransomware stands as a formidable adversary, demanding comprehensive understanding and strategic defense. This blog aims to dissect the complexities of ransomware, offering profound insights into its mechanisms and providing meticulous guidance on fortifying organizational defenses. Understanding Ransomware: Ransomware, a pernicious form of malicious software, encrypts files and demands […]

Strategic Insights into Cloud Security: A Concise Overview

Introduction: In today’s dynamic digital milieu, the cloud stands as a beacon of convenience, yet its allure is accompanied by the imperative of stringent security measures. This discourse endeavors to distill key facets of cloud security, offering strategic insights from foundational practices to nascent industry trends. 1) Foundations of Cloud Security: Identity and Access Management […]

Safeguarding Progress: Cybersecurity in the Construction Industry

With the integration of digital tools, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, construction projects have become more streamlined and interconnected. However, this increased connectivity also exposes the industry to cyber threats that can jeopardize project timelines, budgets, and overall security. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of cybersecurity […]

Advanced Social Engineering Strategies in Bypassing Multi-Factor Authentication

In the intricate realm of cybersecurity, the relentless pursuit of safeguarding sensitive information encounters an array of sophisticated challenges. This exploration delves into the nuanced techniques employed by cyber adversaries to circumvent Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), underscoring the need for heightened awareness and proactive measures in an ever-evolving digital landscape   Phishing as a Strategic Vector: […]

Raspberry Robin Malware Enhances Capabilities Through Discord Distribution and Incorporation of Fresh Exploits

In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity threats, the Raspberry Robin malware, also known as the QNAP worm, has recently escalated its menace by exploiting two new one-day vulnerabilities for local privilege escalation. Unveiled by Check Point in a recent report, these developments underscore the malware’s agility and sophistication. Originating in 2021 and attributed to the […]

Unveiling Ov3r_Stealer: Decoding the Threat Behind Bogus Facebook Job Ads

A new peril has surfaced as threat actors exploit fake Facebook job advertisements to propagate Ov3r_Stealer, a sophisticated Windows-based malware. Trustwave SpiderLabs’ recent findings reveal a multifaceted threat capable of stealing credentials and crypto wallets, siphoning IP address-based location, hardware info, passwords, and an array of sensitive data. The campaign’s origin involves weaponized PDFs, distributed […]

Security Alert: Ivanti Reveals Two High-Severity Vulnerabilities, One Currently Exploited

In a recent security disclosure, Ivanti has raised an alarm regarding two newly discovered high-severity vulnerabilities in its Connect Secure and Policy Secure products, with one already subjected to targeted exploitation in the wild. The identified flaws include CVE-2024-21888, a privilege escalation vulnerability allowing users to elevate privileges to administrator levels, and CVE-2024-21893, a server-side […]

Fresh variant of the ZLoader malware emerges, now equipped with compatibility for 64-bit Windows systems

Amidst the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, a renewed threat looms as ZLoader malware resurfaces nearly two years after the dismantling of its infrastructure. Zscaler ThreatLabz’s recent analysis reveals a formidable new variant, developed since September 2023, featuring RSA encryption, an updated domain generation algorithm, and compatibility with 64-bit Windows. Originating from the Zeus banking trojan, […]

Navigating Urgency: Unveiling a Critical Jenkins Vulnerability and the Imperative Need for Swift Patching to Thwart RCE Attacks!

In the fast-paced landscape of open-source CI/CD automation, Jenkins, a stalwart in the field, has recently overcome a significant security challenge by addressing nine vulnerabilities, including the critical CVE-2024-23897. This particular flaw, identified as an arbitrary file read vulnerability within the CLI, could potentially lead to remote code execution, exposing Jenkins instances to malicious actors. […]