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Your Credit Card Data is Becoming More Lucrative

Krebs on Security published a great blog showing the value of stolen credit card data… it’s on the rise! Due to a lack of supply in the market cyber criminals are finding the data to be much more lucrative than it was in the past.   Check out the full article here: 

Spot a Fake URL on your Andriod

Phone attacks are only going to become more and more common. Here’s a great little article on how to spot a fake URL on your mobile device. 

IoT Weaknesses

Is your IoT device secure? According to one of my favorite cyber security authors there’s a new BIG vulnerability for IoT devices. It’s really important that you properly secure the devices, and with regards to the devices he lists… simply don’t use them! So what can you do to secure you IoT devices? Here are […]

The Cloud is not as Secure as you Think

A recent data breach was found affecting 80 Million US households (article here for the report). This 24GB of data was found unprotected on a Microsoft Azure server. This brings up one of the two myths that people believe about cloud security, that the cloud is secure and you don’t have to think about what […]

New Edge Browser Coming Soon!

In IT many people say “the only use for Microsoft Edge, is to install Chrome.” Well hopefully that’s ending soon! Microsoft is officially moving it’s Edge browser to be Chromium based, which means it’s build on the same foundation as Chrome itself! See article here:

2019 Threat Look

Sonicwall just published their great Threat Report. I’d strongly recommend it Here are some of the highlights: Industries attacked: Malware Attacks Attacks by Country Types of Attacks  

Destroy Your Data! Please

Very interesting article on how little people do to destroy their data on old equipment. If you have some old data that needs to be destroyed we can help!

The Death of Windows 7

In case you didn’t know, Windows 7 will be decommissioned and unsupported come January of next year. You’ll need to plan on upgrading these bad boys (I have two) or replacing them. But, I wanted to take this time to walk down memory lane with Windows 7. In true Microsoft fashion, Windows 7 was an […]