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Electric Utilities IT Services

velox-systems-electric-utility-workerElectrical companies are relying more and more on information technology to manage accounts and keep the lights on. When that technology is not delivering properly, you need help right away. Just a single glitch or cyber attack to shut down electrical service, and as a result your customer-community too. Compliance with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) cybersecurity standards is also vital to avoid citations and fines.

Velox Systems offers electric utilities IT Services to help you keep your systems up and running while also maintaining NERC compliance. We can help with smart meters or provide IT support for managing a large electric grid.

If you just need basic services with your IT, our team is ready to assist. We are also excellent at maintaining compliance with current cybersecurity standards, including NERC standards. Our team helps your utility company keep customer accounts secure at all times.

Our understanding of these cybersecurity standards means you do not have to take the time to fully learn them for yourself. This frees you to focus on other aspects of your utility company.

IT Support for Electric Utility Companies

At Velox Systems, we have a team of technology experts who are ready to come alongside your utility company. We ensure your technology remains secure and functional. Some of our services include:

  • IT consulting to ensure your tech is doing what you need it to do
  • Managed IT services to ensure it is always reliable
  • Cybersecurity services to maintain security and compliance
  • Technical support when things aren’t working as they should
  • Active monitoring to ensure security

Our full suite of IT services includes everything you need to run a reliable and secure utility company. Let us know what type of IT support you need, and see how our experienced team can help.

Cybersecurity for Electric Grid Utilities

Electric power is an essential service for your community. Your customers and your city government need to know that the power will be reliable when it is needed. These public works companies are also at high risk for hacking. All it takes is one skilled hacker to turn off the lights in a community.

Cybersecurity for electric grid utilities is a critical component of the electrical utility IT services offered by Velox Systems.

After the Northeast Blackout of 2003, the Energy Policy Act formed mandatory cybersecurity standards that utility companies had to comply with. Utility companies that do not comply with these standards face hefty fines and the loss of trust of their customers. These regulations protect the community from cyber attacks that shut down electricity. Additionally, they also protect sensitive information that the company has on its customers.

Maintaining compliance with these NERC standards is not always easy. There are currently 11 different Critical Infrastructure Protection standards maintained by NERC that utility companies must comply with to avoid fines.

Velox Systems provides IT services to help electric utilities maintain compliance. You can trust our electric utilities IT support team to help.

Whether you have suffered a breach or simply want to ensure you are staying compliant. Successfully protect the electric power in your community and your customers. Our high-tech solutions and expertise in the energy services industry offer a complete solution.

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Reliable IT services are just a phone call away. In Bend, Oregon, Velox Systems is ready to help. We keep your utilities running and your customers’ information secure with our IT experts. Contact Velox Systems today for electric utilities IT services and support in Bend and the surrounding communities.

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