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IT Services for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations in Oregon often work in financial and social work. As such, they often retain sensitive data about the clients they help, and that data needs to be properly protected. Often with tight budgets, many nonprofits struggle to get the IT support they need.
Velox Systems can help. Our nonprofit IT services are designed to provide effective help at affordable pricing. We help nonprofits secure their data, manage their tech, and improve their operations through managed services. If you operate a nonprofit organization in Oregon, partner with Velox Systems to ensure it has the right IT support.

Nonprofit IT Services by Velox Systems

Velox Systems has a comprehensive list of nonprofit IT support and services to help your organization move forward securely and successfully. Our team will come alongside you to:
Assess Your Risk – Do you have the right security protocols to gather, store, and transmit data about clients, donors, or those who receive aid? We can help create secure structures that use cloud-based tech to make that data manageable while protecting sensitive information.

Determine What Data Needs to Be Protected – Our team also understands what data has to be kept securely based on federal and state laws, and what notifications you must provide if you have a data breach. WE will help you remain compliant, so you can continue to do your vital work.

Add Security Against Cyber Attacks – At the heart of our nonprofit IT services, we strive to help organizations protect themselves against cyber attacks. The services you provide are vital, and the people who rely on you should be able to trust that their information is kept secure. This is what we can help with.

Offer IT Tech Support – In addition to security, we help nonprofits with basic tech support. If you’re having trouble understanding cloud-based technology or need help setting up a computer network, our technology pros are standing by to help.

Why Partner with Velox Systems?

When you need nonprofit IT support, you want to work with a company that not only understands tech but also understands nonprofits. That company is Velox Systems.

Our Bend, Oregon tech pros are passionate about helping organizations like yours find the IT service they need to succeed. We know that cloud-based support services can streamline operations and help you work more effectively and efficiently. We work with nonprofit organizations like yours to find the solutions that will make them successful. Because we use cloud services, we work with nonprofits throughout the state to find custom IT support services that will help them find success.

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