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A professional email hosting service could be more important to your business than you may think. Without a firewall network security, your servers are open to cyber-attacks. That’s why we offer a variety of email services to improve the internal functions of your business. Velox Systems offers a variety of email support services and Microsoft Exchange hosting. Additionally, our internet security services include spam protection, virus protection, and malware removal.

Look Like the Professional You Are

Are you still using a Gmail or a local internet company’s email for you business? If you are, every time you email you are telling people you aren’t a real business. With email hosting, you can build trust with your clients and prospects, get an email at your domain that is secure, mobile, easy-to-use, and reliable.

EMAIL SUPPORT SERVICES - Protect Your Reputation

Have you ever received an email “I’ve been hacked, if I sent you something don’t open it?” Do you feel comfortable emailing that person? Is the information in your inbox going to find its way to WikiLeaks or embarrass you on the front page? It’s time to secure your inbox and be a professional. Without the proper firewall network security, your business is at risk.  Velox Systems offers spam protection, virus protection, as well as malware removal. With Velox Systems hosted exchange email, we’ll secure your data and keep your reputation strong.

Don’t Miss Those Emails

If you’re hosting your own email, you can’t send or receive emails if your internet is down. Don’t let your clients’ emails to you bounce. With Velox Systems hosted exchange email, we’ll keep your emails flowing so you can communicate with your clients and grow your business.

Save Time, Get the Right Emails, Not Spam

With our high caliber spam protection, you’ll only get the emails that matter to you! We’ll monitor your email for viruses, phishing schemes, and malware, so you can focus on what you’re doing. With our firewall network security, your business will stay protected.

Send Big!

Don’t limit your communication to small files. With Velox Systems email hosting service in Bend, you can send and receive files as big as 30 MB, that’s well above the industry standard and more than Google or Office 365! Go big with your business, and don’t let your email stop you!

Relax, We’ll Add New Users for You

With our hosted exchange email support, we’ll take care of the management, setup, and maintenance of your email, so you can work… or if you choose, actually take that vacation you’ve been thinking of for years.

Mobile Support

Need to review something on-the-go? With our hosted exchange email, we’ll set your phones up to get your email so it’s there if you need it. But don’t be like those addicts who check their email at the dinner table…. but you could be if you wanted, we just don’t recommend being that guy.
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