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What We Do

We provide network, computer, and tech support to businesses in Central Oregon. We work with our customers to ensure their IT is safe, stable, and productive so they can win at work and focus on what matters. We do that by being a strategic partner and fast responder. Helping them to setup a well-designed network, deploy smart applications, and then we support the environment to ensure it operates at a high level. 

Why It Matters

Most professionals spend 7 hours on a computer when they’re at work. Every year companies waste thousands of dollars in lost productivity because of slow networks, slow computers, or excessive downtime. That’s a lot of money. Not only that, but a single ransomware attack or network failure can bring down a business for days or weeks at time. It’s important to have someone doing your IT service management so you don’t get caught unprepared.

At Velox Systems, your business is our motivation! We help our customers build and use networks that comply with best practices and operate with unsurpassed performance. Every year our clients have a strategic plan for their technology and a dependable network to support their users.

How We’re Different

What makes us different is our dynamic team-oriented approach to our service and design. All of our clients are supported by a small team that's assigned to assist them. They get a personal touch and a collaborative team that helps solve problems fast and keep their environments up and fast! When it comes to designing networks or projects for our customers, our team of project managers meets together to do contingency planning and find out everything that can go wrong. We make the mistakes before we even start the project. Basically what makes us different is our people, working together to provide the best-possible service for you.


If you’ve used IT support firms in the past, you may have racked up hourly charges in the $1,000.00’s. Often, these bills come unapproved, or at least unexpected. Or you have approved a set block of hours, but once that’s met and you’re halfway through the project you’re forced to approve more.


At Velox Systems, we have designed an IT support business model that recognized budgets, investment, and the value of knowing what your costs are and a guaranteed support level. We provide a comprehensive solution with a single price tag. This allows you to plan ahead and us to support you well!

Because our team is experienced in business IT services we know, with a great deal of accuracy, what it takes to complete a given body of work. We know how to build a solution from start to finish, and most importantly as a business to business IT support provider, we’re sensitive to the needs of your business’ uptime and productivity.


Velox Systems’ ongoing managed services plans are structured with the same goal: to make business IT services simple and a planned line-item on your budget. We offer unlimited desktop support services, network management and server support for a single, budgeted, flat monthly rate. This means that all support to ensure business continuity for your organization can be quantified in one predetermined fee. This fee is based on how many users you have, so when you grow it’s easy to forecast!


We’re people serving people by helping them with their technology needs. Our services enable our customers to be more effective in their jobs through smart and secure network design, fast IT support, and preventative maintenance


We work for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own staff, and you don’t have to have a bunch of nerds in your office (believe me, it’s hard… we have a ping-pong table, dart board, couches, and free snacks). You also don’t have to worry about turn-over, career paths, continuing education, or any of that… We’ve got you covered! Plus, with our fixed monthly rates, you have all you need to plan for the. Business IT support, server support, PC support, network support, and project planning…. all for businesses and all at a price you can afford and a model that saves you money.


Velox Systems has a team of qualified technicians to provide you with the best managed IT services in all of Central Oregon. We provide fast response times, so you can get back to work quickly!

The technology industry is changing rapidly, and you need someone who can stay on the cutting edge, so you don’t get left in the dark. The cloud is coming, don’t let it be a thunderstorm. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to make sure you’re prepared for the future and educate you on where the industry is going and what solutions are available, including

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • GSuite
  • QuickBooks
  • Lacerte


Your business is growing! As you grow your technology needs change too! We work with our business partners to provide effective strategic road maps for technology deployment and purchasing. We provide Central Oregon with IT Services that goes beyond fixing things when they break to helping stop problems before they start!

We have advanced IT service management software that allows us to maintain, update and monitor your IT infrastructure without any interaction from your staff. This allows us to handle your IT needs while you run your business with assurance.

We also know that issues come up. Often, employees will sacrifice productivity and live with a slow or error-ridden computer to save the company on support costs and billable hours. We offer a monthly retainer and unlimited access to the help-desk, so your staff can get the help when they need it. Our managed IT support is truly second to none. Our IT service management and help-desk technology allows our technicians to quickly determine the issue and respond to every inquiry with a solution.


In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber warfare, your data is more vulnerable than ever. We have quantified the best practices and industry standards of enterprise computing and made it available to every small business in the region. We provide ongoing monitoring, consolidated security software licensing, disaster and backup solutions, and firewall solutions to keep your network secure, safe and operational. With Velox Systems running your business IT services in Bend, Oregon you can work with the confidence that someone is watching for attacks. You also know that someone is there for you to mitigate and respond when a security event occurs.


At Velox Systems, we work with the customer’s best interest at heart. Your business is our business and we can help you improve, grow, and secure your data like no other provider. Take a look at some of our other services and offerings throughout our site and give us a call if you agree that business IT support should be easier.


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