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Migrate Email to Office 365

Why should I migrate my email to Office 365?

office-365-email-migrationWhen you migrate email to Microsoft Office 365, you reach a critical step in the growth and operation of your business. This is often the first step in a company’s journey to become more cloud-based. In the cloud your company will have more tools to communicate and share data effectively. Today you probably just want to be able to share a couple email addresses with your team. You may also need to allow others to help manage your calendar. For this you need to move to Microsoft Office 365.


What problems will I solve by migrating to Office 365

We can solve a variety of problems when you migrate email to Microsoft Office 365. Here is how Velox helps with our email migration services:



When investing in any technology, it’s important to know how much it will cost. The great thing about a cloud-based email platform like Office 365 is that the costs are defined per user. This means you know exactly how much your licensing will cost for each employee. Also, because it’s monthly, you can tick up and tick down your count as your staff changes, saving you upfront costs for software you may not use yet, or no longer use after an employee leaves.


The ability for your team to communicate effectively increases productivity and reduces rework. Office 365 comes with a centrally managed email system as well as the chat features of Microsoft Teams. This allows your team to communicate effectively and quickly so you can pivot in real time as your projects change.


Shared mailboxes and shared calendars play a major role in keeping everyone organized and on the same page. Think of your billing team. With a shared mailbox and shared task lists no one will question if an invoice has been sent or a payment has been made. With shared calendars you can be sure your proposed meeting time will work without the back and forth of text messages or emails confirming a time and place.


Microsoft’s Office 365 platform provides many ways to work more flexibly. Users can work from anywhere or any time. Your employees can set up rules and focus time to get more done with less distraction. This allows your team to focus on their tasks at hand, while also making communication meaningful and timely for their needs.


If you often spend time making sure everyone has the right access or the latest data, then you’ll find Office 365 valuable. Permissions, groups, organization, and schedules can all be centrally managed. Office 365 allows you to set up groups by department, job role, or project so teams can communicate with the click of a button, rather than looking up contact info in some address book.


Microsoft 365 E3 includes the latest security features to help protect your team from cyber threats. Password enforcement and multi factor authentication ensure you know who is accessing your data. Advanced spam filtering and monitoring using computer learning and AI keep your team safe from outside scams. Also, when your staff changes, you get to control who has access to what. When someone’s job changes or they leave the company you can change access to all their Office 365 systems including email, chat, and file access.


How can Velox Systems help you Migrate to Microsoft Office 365?

If you are looking to bring your company to the next level of technology, a partnership with Velox Systems can make this possible. Each of our clients get the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 licensing with our partnership agreement. We license, design and construct an email and communication platform for you according to your needs.



The first step is to understand your company. Velox Systems’ business consultants will sit with your leadership team to understand the needs and organization of your company. In some cases this exercise will improve the organization of your teams before we even get to the technology changes. Based on your needs, we can design an organization structure in your Microsoft Office 365 platform and plan the migration process to best serve your employees.


Our team of specialists will design the structure of Office 365 and work with you to schedule a timely and effective migration project so your communication with each other and your clients is least impacted. We do this a lot, so we have a pretty good system down. You’ll get a clear picture of the plan and we’ll help you and your staff walk through each stage.


This is the fun part. Our specialists will build your system and help each person get plugged into the new email platform. This is a one-day event. All the work, planning and preparation leads up to this moment when everyone moves together to a better, faster, and more reliable way to communicate.


Velox Systems is a user-focused IT company. We’re passionately concerned with the experience of each of your team members through this process. We will work with you and your team to design clear training so you are prepared to use your new email platform effectively from the first day.


What Now

All this and more is possible in a technology partnership with Velox Systems. Reach out today to see how we can help you with our IT services. If you’re interested in a partnership with Velox, check out the link below to walk through the pricing menu for yourself. We hope to talk to you soon!

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