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Stoppered Stream

No two businesses are the same. Even two businesses creating similar, competing products will have an abundance of differences that set them apart from one another. With varying management styles, office layouts, workflows, company cultures, and more beyond, there are hundreds of ways that even the most similar companies stand apart from one another. There is, however, one common thread that unites every single enterprise and organization: Money.

Whether it’s a non-profit in need of more donations to continue serving their chosen cause or a company making widgets, every organization needs to maintain an influx of cash to continue operating. From paying employees and purchasing materials to simply keeping the lights on, money keeps business moving.

As important as cash flow is, many businesses use payment and collection methods that are slow and ineffective. These ineffective collection methods can leave payments stuck in processing limbo for extended periods of time, or leave high outstanding balances on invoices.

So what’s the alternative?

We’re so glad you asked.

Free the Flow

At Velox Systems, our experienced team of business analysts know the impact delayed payments and outstanding balances can have on any organization. That’s why we’ve looked into every best practice we could find, searched high and low for the most expert opinions in the field, and scoured the internet to contrast and compare the payment collection tools available for businesses of any size. The result is a carefully curated collection of software and programs that can integrate into almost any financial operation as part of our IT consulting.

Here’s How

Simplify Payments

The easier it is for your clients and customers to pay their invoices, the easier it is for your business to get paid. It might seem like simplifying a complex problem, but complex problems often require simple solutions. For that reason Velox Systems has carefully chosen a selection of programs and software that handle the complexity of the task in the backend without sacrificing the security and protection you need for your finances. The end result is a streamlined experience that makes paying invoices quick and simple.

Reduced Time Commitment

Making sure every dollar and cent is accounted for makes sense. That’s why accountants are and remain an integral part of every organization. But are your accountants getting the most out of their workday? Velox Systems offers software solutions that handle the day to day money tracking and payment processing, freeing your accounting team from fussing over the nickels and dimes so they can keep their eyes on the big picture.

Chuck the Checks

Before technology came into prominence in banking and personal finances, checks were a simple way to make large payments without hauling around large quantities of physical cash. Today checks are a largely obsolete payment method that require more processing time, leaving your accounts in a state of uncertainty until the payment goes through. Velox Systems offers technology based alternatives, eliminating the need for checks and expediting both incoming and outgoing payments.

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These are just a few of the ways Velox Systems can help you simplify and accelerate your payment processes.

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