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Education IT Support

it-service-company-bend-oregonIn the past two decades, the amount of technology in schools has skyrocketed. 20 years ago the number of computers per student was around 1 computer per 90 pupils. Today, that number is closer to 1 to 4. Many schools are now giving every student their own laptop or learning tablet to take home as well.

This technology often comes with a huge learning curve for students and faculty. It also presents new vulnerabilities that put students and their private information at risk.

Schools and other educational institutions have a legal and ethical obligation to protect their students from cyber threats. In addition to keeping records secure, they also need to protect their students from phishing and spam. Additionally, ensuring their technology networks are free from viruses and hackers.

Velox Systems provides a full list of IT support services designed specifically for schools. Our managed IT services for schools are a cost-effective way to bring in new technology. We will also ensure a secure learning environment for your students.

How Velox Systems Provides Education IT Services

Velox Systems has been providing education IT services to schools for many years. We collaborate with your educational institution to help you invest in technology that helps your students find success.

Our expert team assists with selecting the right hardware and software solutions. We also support the day to day operations of your technology. Our managed IT services for schools include:

  • Microsoft product licensing
  • Network management and support
  • IT deployment training and support
  • Antivirus, firewalls, and spam filtering to protect against attacks and phishing
  • Technology planning and implementation help
  • Classes and coaching to help faculty embrace new technology
  • Tech support when you need it
  • Monitoring of your IT environment to ensure you are secure

With schools taking an increasingly digital approach, using technology well is becoming vital to the success of faculty and students. Our managed IT services for schools are a cost-effective way to ensure educational institutions are using that technology well. From assisting with security to assisting with training, our education IT support will help your school embrace the digital transformation.

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Cyber Security Standards for Educational Institutions

Under the Family Educational Rights & Protection Act, schools and academic institutions must meet specific standards to keep student academic records secure. Based on this law, academic records require the express written consent from a parent or a student who is old enough to make these decisions before being released to a third party. Failure to keep records secure puts students and faculty at risk. Personal information and academic records can be vulnerable without proper security measures in place.

Though FERPA does not address technology specifically, it does set forth the standard of who can have access to records. As schools become increasingly technology-driven, more and more records will be stored digitally. This increases the risk of data breaches that put schools in violation of this standard. Proper use of technology allows schools to maintain a high level of security and keep these records private.

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Technology is the wave of the future for educational institutions. You need the right support to ensure your technology continues to work properly and serve your faculty and students well.

Velox Systems will help make that happen. Partner with Velox Systems for managed IT services for your school. With our help, keep a secure, technology-rich learning environment active for your students.