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Generate Revenue with Business Technology

Grow Revenue with Technology

Do you use technology for sales as well as operations? In just a short time, digital technologies have completely altered our way of life. It might sound dramatic, but not since fire or the wheel has any technology advanced humanity forward so thoroughly or rapidly. From the major to the minute, from managing investment portfolios to ordering out, the ways in which we approach much of our lives today would have been fantasy less than 20 years ago.

If digital technologies can change so much, so rapidly, and on such a massive scale, just imagine what they can do for your business.

With over 25 years of combined experience in Business Information Technology and IT consulting, Velox Systems has the business acumen to help you develop a winning strategy, and the technological know-how to help create the systems that will make your strategy work. To put it simply, Velox Systems leverages technology to help our clients generate more revenue.

Velox Makes tech for sales

One might think that they don’t need any help with technology, that their business has already integrated all of the technology they need to operate in a digital world, and we have no doubt that technology is already part of every business. With the proliferation of easily accessible business and consumer technologies, we’d be shocked to hear about a CFO out there somewhere running quarterly reports with an abacus.

Common technologies like email or billing software may be integrated into your daily operations, but what we have to offer goes beyond that. Velox Systems offers bespoke software solutions to integrate with and enhance your business strategy, allowing you to continue doing what you do best while simultaneously generating more revenue.

Here’s How

Sales mastery

wining more sales with techEvery business has something to sell. Whether it’s business-to-business or business-to-client, product or service, the most basic necessity for any business is to make the sale. We can’t make the sale for you, but we can give your sales team technology to simplify the process. Velox Systems can help you build sales management software tailored to the needs of your company and your sales team, making it nearly effortless to track new prospects and opportunities. We also offer automated sales mechanisms that allow your team to easily deliver proposals to prospective customers and clients. With a simplified and streamlined sales process, your team will be free to focus more of their time pursuing and closing new sales.

Marketing Communication

communication with your marketKeeping in touch with your customers and clients, both current and prospective, takes time and effort. Time and effort that could make a difference to your business if it were made available. Velox Systems offers marketing communication platforms built to match your business and your needs, simplifying your client communication and allowing you to commit your time wherever it’s needed most.

First Impressions

There’s no second chance for a first impression, and in business that first impression can often make the difference in closing a sale. Velox Systems can help you build cutting edge technology for sales to take your presentations to the next level. From interactive tablet presentations for your sales team to take into one-on-one meetings, to automated proposal templates that will professionally present your brand while saving you time, we can help you showcase the best your business has to offer while giving your first impression a lasting impact.

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These are just a few of the ways Velox Systems can help you maximize your time while also growing your revenue stream. Let us help you get started today designing a plan that will do all this and more with Velox Systems.

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