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Our Industry Specialities

it-services-bend-oregonVelox Systems supports a wide range of industries around Central Oregon. Industry compliance is a key part of doing business and technology is at the center. As part of our ongoing IT services, Velox Systems provides network security and compliance to keep your operations running smoothly.

We provide business IT support to the following industries:



We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to any industry and fit the needs of our customers. Whether you’re looking for healthcare IT support, financial IT support, engineering IT support, government IT support, or utilities IT support, we’re just the techno-savvy people to do it.

Maintaining IT compliance can be a challenge for many businesses and organizations, but nonetheless very important. IT compliance services are vital to ensure that your business remains within compliance guidelines.


Healthcare IT Support


We specialize in providing healthcare IT support to companies in the medical industry. Being specialized in healthcare means that we understand HIPAA compliance standards and the importance of maintaining confidential virtual files. We are able to provide oversight for the networks of our medically related customers who need it. We know how to provide tech support while maintaining ethical privacy standards that are compliant with HIPAA. 

Financial IT Support

Velox Systems provides financial IT support to accounting firms, CPA’s, bookkeeping providers, and multiple other financial institutions. We understand the many facets that comprise the technology that accompanies financial systems. We are competent at supplying FFIEC compliance support and we’re experienced in maintaining optimum network security levels during the process.

Engineering IT support

One of our most prized strengths is our ability to provide engineering IT support for our engineering clients. We excel in managing big data and high-speed networks for engineering firms.

We’ve helped with the collaboration between teams of engineers on large data files for CAD drawings, media and design files, as well as information databases. In these circumstances, data must be secure, available, and fast at all times. Velox Systems can build networks with minimal infrastructure risk and high levels of managed security for manufacturing. We can help you comply with information security regulations and abide by PCI compliance for your business.

Government IT support

We create and manage support networks and information systems that are available and secure for government organizations.

If your agency falls under specific standards such as Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA compliant), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST compliant), or the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS compliant), we can help make sure you are compliant and secure, just ask!

Utilities IT Support

velox-systems-electric-utility-workerUtility systems have strict industry compliance policies regarding the storage of customer data. Utility providers must set regulations according to the North American Electric Reliability Council cyber-security guidance (NERC cyber security guidance), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) cyber security standards, and the Security and Reliability Standards. The federal government manages privacy standards and these standards are constantly increasing.

As a computer service and technology support company, we understand the importance of complying with strict regulations. We offer utilities the help they need so they can be compliant with the highest level of privacy regulations.

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Information technology is our field of expertise. We have a wide range of industry experience and knowledge to help you keep compliant in your industry.

Each industry needs are unique, we custom-tailor your IT support for day-to-day customer service, risk assessment, prevent data breaches, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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