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Construction IT Services


IT Support For Builders and Contractors

Velox Systems offers construction IT services to help companies in the construction industry manage their technology. We ensure your computers and network are interfaced and secure no matter where or when you’re working. 

Whether your business is looking for new technology solutions, like cloud based data storage or a secure VPN for remote workers, our team of IT experts is here to help with the latest and most effective technology to support your construction company. 

We understand the new unique challenges and opportunities that companies working in the building and construction industries face. From regulatory requirements, code compliance, HR and payroll, construction companies have no shortage of technology and information related challenges. We also understand that the less time and money that you spend on IT issues, the more resources that you will have to build and invest in your business.  

If you’re looking to better manage your mobile device network, improve workflow across remote locations or simply want to ensure sensitive data is safe, our team is ready to deliver.

Let’s Figure it Out Together

How IT Support Helps Construction Companies

Even in the construction industry, technology is an integral part of the daily job. Project management software, email systems, secure file sharing and accounting systems are essential elements that ensure your team delivers quality service to every customer.

Cloud file storage and sharing is becoming the standard across all industries eliminating the need for on and off-site dedicated servers that require regular maintenance, service and, ultimately, updates. Cloud technology is secure, reliable and flexible allowing you to expand capacity as your business grows. The hardest part of cloud-based storage is getting your data safely and securely uploaded. That’s where our team can assist. We help identify a cloud storage partner or partners that suit your needs. We help gather  

Security is also important to the modern construction firm. While sensitive data from customers is not usually stored, intellectual property is.

Velox Systems can help you with all of these needs. With our construction IT support, you have an IT professional in your back pocket. We can help you ensure your software and hardware is working properly. We will help you protect your electronic files and set up new technology solutions.

Eliminate downtime due to technology problems, so your construction business can operate as efficiently as possible.

Why Partner with Velox Systems?

Velox Systems offers managed IT services that help construction companies stay relevant. Our construction IT services include:


  • Construction managed IT services
  • Construction cybersecurity
  • Cloud computing
  • IT support services for construction firms


We are here to make sure your technology runs properly, your data is kept safe, and your team knows how to use the tech effectively. With our technical expertise, you can embrace the latest construction technology, avoid downtime, and deliver better service to your customers and clients.

Learn More About Construction IT Services

Interested in learning more about construction IT support from Velox Systems? Contact our experienced team. We would love to discuss how we can help your construction company succeed.