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Are you settling for Break Fix or are you performing with Velox Systems?

Many of our competitors in Bend, Oregon provide business technical support on what is called a “Break Fix model”.  This means that when something is broken, you call for help and someone comes to fix it.  This sounds nice.  You get help when you need it, and you only pay for the support hours spent fixing your problem.  As long as everything is running smooth, you don’t have expensive support costs.

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The reality is that his model isn’t so nice.  Many business owners mistakenly think you don’t start paying for this service until the technician arrives to help.  The reality is that you start paying for this service the moment something breaks.  You are paying your employee an hourly wage, or los

ing some opportunity cost in service to your customers starting the moment that break occurs.  We’ll call that moment the Zero Hour.

Also starting at the Zero Hour is the wait time for a technician to arrive.  In the Break Fix model, an IT service provider is in less of a rush to help.  The business owner isn’t paying them yet, not until the support starts.  So the urgency to fix the break is proportional to how lucrative the break is.  If it’s a major break or an emergency break, the Break Fix provider knows they can charge high prices to fix it, and for that reason it may appear urgent.  For minor breaks, business owners can expect to wait hours or even days for support.

Finally, the Break Fix is not motivated to fix the problem permanently.  This is the most common problem we see when our customers come out of the Break Fix model into the Velox System.  Since Break Fix providers only get paid as long as their needed, they are often content fixing the problem over and over again, rather than providing a holistic solution that will permanently fix recurring breaks.


When we bring our customers into our system, we set up a pro-actively managed support and service plan that will ensure maximum uptime.  Our system also includes unlimited access to the helpdesk with no billable support hours for your existing network, laptops, desktops, and servers.  Our response time for any issue is nearly instantaneous which minimizes the wait time and down time for employees.  Our goal is to reduce our customer’s down time and maintain critical systems before they break.  Velox Systems has a fixed recurring fee that doesn’t depend on how many support hours have been spent.

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