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How Much Bandwidth Do I Need?

How do you decide what bandwidth you need for your office? The answer to this question can cost you hundreds of¬†dollars in lost productivity for your people, or in additional costs paying for internet you don’t need. Let’s Figure it Out Together Bandwidth Usage Here is a list of typical bandwidth suckers and then we’ll […]

Knowing Your Cables: Video Cables

Have you ever been overwhelmed why what you need to plug in with a new computer? Ever not know what cables to buy or adapters? Hopefully this blog will help with that a little. What the cables look like VGA VGA (Video Graphics Array) is the oldest video cable still used today. This cable is […]

How to Set Up your Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi gives us the amazing freedom to work from nearly anywhere! But setting up a network can be quite a challenge, and if you do it wrong, you could put your entire organization at risk from hackers (who live with their mom and spend all day figuring out how to make our lives more difficult). […]