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Construction IT Services

velox-systems-construction-it-servicesEven though construction companies may not face data theft on a regular basis, they still have sensitive intellectual property that needs proper protection. Velox Systems offers construction IT services to help companies in the construction industry manage their technology. We ensure it is up and running and secure at all times. Whether you are looking for new technology solutions, adding mobile device management, or simply want to ensure sensitive data is safe, our team is ready to deliver.

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How IT Support Helps Construction Companies

Even in the construction niche, technology is becoming an important part of the process. Project management software and accounting systems need to operate properly to ensure you can deliver quality service to every customer.

Cloud file sharing is a common and helpful tool for business. Cloud technology allows you to send data to your team on the ground. Remote access is often necessary to ensure everything is handled safely.

Security is also important to the modern construction firm. While sensitive data from customers is not usually stored, intellectual property is.

Cyber criminals can access this sensitive data. From there, learn where the vulnerable parts of the construction are located. They can then make changes to the blueprints to put the building at risk.

They can even hold the information ransom to get money from the construction firm. Only if the ransom is paid will the criminals release the altered information in the blueprints. Failure to pay puts the entire construction project at risk.

Velox Systems can help you with all of these needs. With our construction IT support, you have an IT professional in your back pocket. We can help you ensure your software and hardware is working properly. We will help you protect your electronic files and set up new technology solutions.

Eliminate downtime due to technology problems, so your construction business can operate as efficiently as possible.

Why Partner with Velox Systems?

Velox Systems offers managed IT services that help construction companies stay relevant. Our construction IT services include:

  • Construction managed IT services
  • Construction cybersecurity
  • Cloud computing
  • IT support services for construction firms

We are here to make sure your technology runs properly, your data is kept safe, and your team knows how to use the tech effectively. With our technical expertise, you can embrace the latest construction technology, avoid downtime, and deliver better service to your customers and clients.

Learn More About Construction IT Services

Interested in learning more about construction IT support from Velox Systems? Contact our experienced team. We would love to discuss how we can help your construction company succeed.