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Cyber Security Services

Seal the Gates

Velox Systems provides the latest knowledge and tools in cyber security consulting. Our team works with your organization to set up cyber security measures. Then, we will consult on how best to protect your IT systems.

Even the strongest, most complex, most carefully designed defense can be overcome by human error, including cyber security. The most advanced cyber security measures can be rendered useless if their full potential is not utilized. All it takes is one gate left open. That’s why Velox Systems is here to help with our cyber security consulting services.

Keep Your Guard Up

Now more than ever, businesses need strategic and informed cyber security strategies. The frequency of attacks against all industries continues to grow and represent an imminent threat to any business.

However, a plan alone won’t secure you against attacks. Your employees need to know how to recognize and respond to attempted attacks. Even the best cyber security measures could be ineffective if your team doesn’t have the training they need.

That’s where we come in. Cyber security consultants help identify potential security risks.

Our team has 25 years of combined experience in business information technology and cyber security. Velox Systems has the knowledge and experience to help you protect yourself against attack. Our technology and training solutions will position your company into the best data security posture possible.

Here’s How Velox Protects Your Data

Antivirus and Antimalware

The first step in establishing a solid defense is implementing the proper software solutions. The right security programs will catch harmful virus and malware files before they can deploy on your network. Velox automates this process with our curated software packages. The majority of attacks will be identified and stopped before your team even becomes aware of them.

Staff Training

Velox Systems help you build an IT Strategy for your businessYour cyber security measures can only be truly effective if they’re backed by an informed and aware team. Velox Systems offers security training for you and your staff. We even include simulated attacks or data breaches to demonstrate what potential cyber threats look like up close. Our training will enable your team to successfully identify and respond to incoming threats before they can do any harm.

Security Assessments

Automation and effective training will stop an attack in its tracks, but that’s a lot to take on at once. That’s why we offer security assessments to help keep your security measures strong. We also offer security audits to identify potential weaknesses and offer customized solutions that fit the needs of your business.

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These are just a few of the ways Velox Systems can help you shield yourself from cyber attacks. Get started with IT services today!

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