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Enhancing Your IT with Robust Cybersecurity Services


When we think of big-picture IT, we often conceptualize fixing existing problems and troubleshooting future issues with workplace technology. However, how many of us consider cybersecurity as an essential part of our IT strategy? Protecting against malicious attacks that could cripple or even shutter our business is increasingly crucial, as recent news stories have shown. Breaches can expose confidential records, leading to significant financial and reputational damage. However, you can enhance your IT with robust add-on cybersecurity services.


At Velox Systems, we pride ourselves on strengthening cybersecurity to prevent such scenarios. For example, several of our clients received phishing emails and, unfortunately, clicked on them. This allowed malicious actors to access user accounts, send messages impersonating the victims, and access confidential files containing personal and financial information.


Velox Systems acted swiftly. We revoked the compromised sessions, reset passwords, and reversed any changes made by the intruders. We then initiated company-wide phishing training, including periodic simulation emails. This training helped users recognize warning signs in malicious emails, significantly reducing the risk of future breaches. Since implementing these measures, none of the users at these companies have fallen for phishing attempts.


As we’ve illustrated, a cyberattack can happen to anyone, and often with surprising ease. Are you prepared?

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