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Infrastructure Assessments

Infrastructure Assessments

Automation and a well trained staff will stop an attack in its tracks, but that’s a lot to take on at once. That’s why we offer security assessments to help keep your security measures strong. We also offer security audits to identify potential weaknesses and offer customized solutions that fit the needs of your business.

What Our IT Infrastructure Assessment Includes

Our Assessment Teams include a technical analyst and a business alignment analyst as part of our IT consulting services.

Technical Analysis

The technical analyst will perform an in-person assessment where we research and answer over 300 specific questions about your IT infrastructure. In addition, we also run software tools that will give your technical analyst and in-depth view into your IT Infrastructure so we can analyze vulnerabilities as well as areas to improve performance and reliability.

Business Alignment Analysis

Once your Technical Analyst has collected all the data and answered all the questions, your Business Alignment Analyst will evaluate what changes should be made, and based on your business goals we’ll make recommendations on improvements that should be made. This will include patching security vulnerabilities that may be urgent as well as ensuring you have a plan to improve productivity with a technology upgrade path. This help you predict your financial future both for costs and potential revenue growth using technology.