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Should I Outsource IT Services?

Why Outsource IT Services?

Outsource IT for your business to our technology professionals

We understand that outsourcing IT is not a good fit for every company. However there does come a time when outsourcing your IT can be a wise investment in your business. We’ll help show you some of the signs you may want to look to outsource IT for your business. Also, if you see those signs, why it may make sense for you.

Big Opportunities?

If your business has great opportunities in front of it and you are ready to pour on the gasoline, outsourcing your IT makes a lot of sense. We’ve all had days derailed by some computer issue. Issues like that are momentum killers! If your company is poised to capitalize on opportunities, be more efficient, and make more money than distracting your people with computer problems is not the way to go.

Short On Time?

If you find that you are your staff are stretched thin in serving your customers, managed IT services would be an easy choice for offloading. A Psychology Today article noted that employees waste 2 hours a day distracted, and a single distraction takes 25 minutes to recover from. Technology is a common culprit for distraction, let us handle it, so you can get more done!

Competitive Market?

If your industry is super competitive, real advantages can be the difference between staying in business or closing. No matter what you’re doing, or what technology you’ve chosen to deploy to give you that edge, it’s important to keep it functioning the way it should. With our managed IT services, we’ll keep you running at an optimum level.

Do Your Clients Care if You Outsource IT?

If your business relies on technology when you are interacting with your clients (a POS, or client database), then having that technology perform when the client is in front of you has a huge impact on your business. People are busy, be the company that they like to interact with.

Does Security Matter?

If you are handling sensitive data that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands, then you should put an emphasis on security. Would you trust your receptionist to setup your security alarm at your house? They why do you allow unqualified people to setup the security in your technology?

Collaborate Much?

Collaboration could mean a few different things, but anytime you and your company are sharing information back and forth it’s a good idea to have a local server in place. A managed service provider such as Velox can give you access to one of the most secure offsite servers in the area.

Are You Growing?

Technology time, energy, and effort grows exponentially when you start adding team members. Shopping for and setting up computers, monitors, and software all takes time! And with every new member you need to add a user, set a password, and more. This is yet another way outsourcing IT services can keep things running smoothly.


If your business isn’t poised for growth then outsourcing your IT doesn’t make sense. If you are, then give us a call and see what a partnership with Velox Systems would look like.

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