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Work From Anywhere

Head in the Cloud

It’s a term that gets thrown around with increasing frequency when discussing new technology applications. You’re likely familiar with terms like ‘the cloud’, ‘cloud based’, or cloud ‘computing’, but what exactly is ‘the cloud’?

The cloud refers to offsite servers that are accessed via the Internet, and more specifically the software and databases that are run on those servers. Those servers are referred to as ‘cloud servers’. Located in data centers all over the globe, cloud servers are able to be accessed over the internet from almost anywhere in the world with minimal latency. This means that, if someone stores their data on a cloud server, they will be able to access it quickly and easily from almost anywhere without relying on a local storage device like a hard drive or flash drive.

As technology continues to grow and develop beyond the limitations of localized hardware and software, the capabilities of the cloud become increasingly more robust. By using cloud computing, users and companies don’t have to manage their own physical servers or run software applications on their own computers. This can allow you to work from anywhere, significantly reduce the need for high end, expensive computers without sacrificing the ability to use sophisticated programs that require a lot of computing power.

Anywhere, Anytime

Velox Systems offers cloud-first and cloud-only IT solutions for businesses, allowing you to create a workforce that can truly work from anywhere. As a partner with Microsoft, we can offer you the latest and greatest in cloud based tech solutions that are tailored not just for your company and your industry, but for the unique work-culture that your business has developed.

The Benefits of Working from anywhere


We all want to be in control of our lives. From the big, life changing decisions to the day-to-day mundane choices, we want to have a say in what we do. To put it another way: the freer we are the happier we are, and many traditional workplace policies push against that desired freedom. While it’s been a staple of American industries for generations, the 9:00 to 5:00 workday runs counter to the idea of a freer life. What’s more, recent history has shown us that it is possible to maintain a business with employees working remotely outside of a traditional work schedule.

Cloud based solutions from Velox Systems allow your team to work from anywhere on a case-by-case, partial, or regular basis. Giving your employees the freedom we all crave and boosting morale in the process.


Life has a way of throwing curve balls our way. Whether it’s a global emergency or a personal one, things come up that get in the way of the work we’re trying to do. Traditionally, productivity was severely limited, if not impossible, when someone was away from the office. With the possibility of remotely accessing everything needed to do their jobs through the cloud, your team can keep productivity up even when the curve balls start flying.

Reduce Costs

Maintaining a business is expensive. From real estate and the accompanying utility bills to replacements and upgrades for necessary office equipment, keeping any business moving forward requires a substantial commitment of resources. With cloud based computing solutions, your business can reduce the need for expensive, high end computers while also reducing office space without also reducing your workforce. With a more manageable space and less expensive, more easily replaced equipment, your team can continue performing the same work at a significantly reduced cost to your business. Find out more about reducing your cost of business here.

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These are just a few of the ways Velox Systems can help adapt your business to the emerging trends of the digital world. Want to know what a partnership with Velox Systems would look like for your business?

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