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Stretch Out

Growth is good. In our relationships, in our personal lives and our professional ones, financially and mentally, growth is the culmination of our successes and hard work. No one wants their life to become stale and stagnant. We want to continue reaching and achieving, to continue growing. As a business owner this goes beyond growing your own life, and extends to the lives of your employees, the vendors you work with, and even your customers and clients. As it expands, the most humble business can become a nexus for growth in its community.

Growing your business to new locations and new markets is a big step. When done right, it can have a broad reaching net-positive impact. If done incorrectly it can be a stumbling block that potentially sets your business back further than where you started your expansion. Growing a business requires a clear vision and a substantial allocation of resources, but that’s only part of a successful expansion. Taking proactive steps to facilitate a smooth transition into the next stage of your business will reduce the risks inherent with expansion.

Set for Success

Technology makes business work, plain and simple. It streamlines processes to improve efficiency and makes the minutiae manageable. When growing your business, it’s no different. Reliable communication and information sharing between all of your work sites is a critical step in becoming a successful multi-location business. Velox Systems has helped dozens of businesses grow into new markets and expand their real estate strategy to move into new locations and regions. We have the knowledge and experience to facilitate business growth, and we’re ready to help you take your business to the next level.

Here’s How

Cloud Computing

Vcommunication with your marketelox Systems offers cloud based solutions for businesses, allowing you to create a workflow that seamlessly extends between locations. As a partner with Microsoft, we can offer you the latest and greatest in cloud based tech solutions that are custom tailored to the specific needs of your multi-location business strategy.

Online Storage

Without the proper systems in place, quickly and easily sharing documents between workstations can be a hassle even with everyone at the same location. Add in multiple locations, and the problem is only magnified. That’s why Velox Systems offers online document management and storage solutions that allow your team to easily share files across all of your locations, decreasing time spent on sharing information and increasing time spent productively.

Location Communication

Where coordination is necessary, proper communication is key. When working with multiple teams across multiple locations, ease of communication and the ability to keep all concerned parties in the loop becomes even more important. Velox Systems offers complete communication packages to facilitate work between multiple teams across multiple locales. Including email, chat, and video conference options, the communication tools we offer will allow you to easily communicate with all of your teams from any of your locations.

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