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When you are spending more time on IT than your actual business, it could be time to hire business IT services. Whether you are looking for new server builds, or professionals to manage your IT, Velox will deliver. We offer desktop support, server support, as well as server maintenance. We work for clients who want a full-time Chief Technology Officer and technology department, without paying the high salaries, support licenses, antivirus, benefits, PTO, and employment taxes. With this plan you get the benefits of a fortune 500 companies’ tech support with vision and strategy for the future.

Business ​I.T. support & SECURITY FEATURES

Our Bend, Oregon IT services come with a full suite of security features starting with initial design, moving into the fabric of the servers and computers, and continuing with training of individual users. Every good security plan needs to include Encryption, Authentication, Platform Security, and Physical Security. We work to set these up from the beginning and keep them working after we start.

If you hire Velox, we become an integral part of your team and help you propel your business to the next level of success.


Our services come with the tools you need to understand what’s happening in your business regarding technology. Every year we’ll set up a State of the Tech briefing to discuss the ins and outs of your technology, what happened last year, and what things to be looking out for in the next year. We also train your employees on how to access our services and what to do if they have a problem.

We will work with you to develop disaster protocols for you company in the event of a hack, natural disaster, or other catastrophic event. This disaster recovery service includes annual tests and revisions, so you know you are staying current in the industry.

We’ll also annual brief your entire company on the latest events in technology and answer questions they may have, to ensure business continuity. 


Our services come with full IT server support. We’ll make sure that your data is secure with an online backup, accessible, and ready when disaster strikes. Our server backups offer redundant data on site and in our secure data vault offsite. We can offer assistance quickly and efficiently with remote support. Your building could be destroyed, but we’ll get you back up and running with our disaster recovery. We’ll also monitor your server and look for signs your server is on its way out and we’ll let you know before it fails so you don’t have a crisis.

We’ll program your server allow access to only the files, folders, and programs that your users need. For example: if you’re a technician, you don’t get to see the company’s financials, but everyone can see the marketing material.

In addition, we’ll give you 10 hours of FREE adds, moves, or changes for your servers.


Our services include full network support. We’ll make sure that your printers, scanners, thermostats, mobile devices, and computers are all communicating the way they should. We’ll make sure the drivers are properly updated and your Wi-Fi connections are secure.


Our services cover complete desktop support. We’ll make sure that the programs you have installed are running the way they should, that your security features are active, and that your security patches are up to date. A desktop support technician will monitor your computer's’ vital signs and watch for signs that your computers need to be fixed or replaced. You can expect computer support when you need it and the right IT solutions. 

In addition, we’ll give you 10 hours of FREE adds, moves, or changes for your Desktops and Laptops.


Our services cover the support of company owned and managed phones, tablets, and other connected devices. Similar to the computer support, we’ll make sure that your phones have the right security features like anti-virus, anti-malware, and proper security patches. We’ll work with your users to make sure their phones are properly connected to the network (if needed), and that they have access to things like email, slack, and other tools.



If you are moving to a new office, or have grown past your current technology limits, we’ll work with you to develop a secure and effective technology structure that will last you for years to come.


If you want to know how your network is working or need a road map for your technology, we’ve got you covered.


If you have a 3rd party email like Office 365 or G Suite, we’ll manage security, spamming, adding and changing, and more. We’ll take the burden off of this technology, so you can focus on your work! Need to add a user? No problem! We’ll get you covered. 



Having your email in a highly livable and extremely accessible is a must-have in today's mobile environment. We'll work with you to get setup from scratch, or migrate you previous email into the right platform.


Tired of getting emails you won’t use? Think an email contains a virus or malware? With our sophisticated spam filtering we’ll keep your inbox clear of junk so you can keep doing what you do best… serve your clients.

Email Migration

Need to access your old emails? No problem. We’ll work with your current provider to get all of your old emails into our secure vault.

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