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Cloud Based Environments

Velox systems has a new automation platform designed to build cloud computing environments for your staff to use without an office.  With Cloud Computing in Microsoft Azure, we can build a system that maintains only the needed compute resources for any given point in the day.  In Microsoft Azure that can scale with the growth of your business and consistent applications, data and performance for all offices, or for remote users.





The Goal of Cloud Computing

The goal of Cloud Computing is to do two things:

  1. Increase the performance of each user by providing adjustable costs and resources that vary with usage.
  2. Push everything we can to a truly cloud-based solution

Rather than set up a remote hosting platform that mimic’s the Server-Client structure traditionally used in small businesses today, Velox Systems will get all your data to Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Office 365 Email for your core data and communication.  We can then build your applications, billing software and CRM in a easily accessible Client-Server structure that your staff can access anywhere.





What Changes?

The structure of your IT system would be as follows:

  1. Email: Your Email would move to Office 365 with Microsoft.  Learn More about Microsoft Exchange Online and other features of Microsoft 365 here.
  2. Shared Documents: All your network data shares would be moved to a OneDrive platform in conjunction with SharePoint to manage shared access, permission, versioning and data backup/retention.  These files would be available as a cloud resource, so not bound to your office, or having to log into your remote workspace.  It would just be available on your workstation through the OneDrive integration and in your Virtual Desktop.
  3. Business Applications and Software: Your business applications in this plan would be installed on the Microsoft Virtual Server space in Azure and you would log into a reserved workspace to use them.  This workspace would be available through the Internet from any computer at home, at the office, or on the road.




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