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Strategic Roadmap Development

It Starts With You

Business strategy is something the starts with you.  As an executive, a business owner, or a partner you have the power and vision to create money.  Subsequently, Velox Systems brings to you the knowledge and pulse of the technology world.  As a result, together we can see challenges coming, and dominate them with technology and innovation.

Velox Systems help you build an IT Strategy for your business

The process of building your IT Strategy first starts with a business canvas of your company to define your current assets, liabilities, opportunities and threats.  Secondly, we review your current tech to see what is performing well, what can be improved, and what creates vulnerability and risk to your organization.  Finally, we seize every tool in our disposal to design a strategy.  This complete IT strategy looks ahead at least three years so you can plan ahead.  Most importantly, its designed for return on investment for optimum profit.

Business Canvas Example:


  • What do you currently have that is making you money?
  • What relationships translate to the highest revenue?
  • What staff or teams are performing best, and how can we repeat that with tech?


  • What funding liabilities do we need to protect?
  • What are your current risks we need to reduce
  • What teams or systems or performing poorly?

Opportunities & Threats

  • Augment high margin revenue streams with sales process and marketing tech
  • Reduce funding liabilities with better technology for collections and reduced payment time
  • Keep in touch with your key market and business relationships with email and social media solutions
  • Provide better analytics for staff performance, and encourage better behaviors with high-tech feedback solutions.
  • Install security policies that keep your key information protected

IT Strategy is a Process

Velox Systems works with you using the above example and many other tools.  We’ll help build a technology road map, and keep your momentum down that road map.   Moreover,  as technology changes and your business needs change, we’ll work with you to continually massage the road map to fit the priories and immediate needs of your team.

Let’s Figure it Out Together