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How Quickly Cyber Criminals Can Take Over

Cyber Criminal

In a recent BBC article, they explain how easy it is for cyber criminals to take over a vulnerable server. And don’t think they aren’t targeting little guys, because they are using automated tools, you’re just as vulnerable as a Fortune 100 company for many attacks.

A test was done by a company that does cyber security to see how quickly a new server with vulnerabilies would be found out and exploited. Withing two hours of putting the server online, bots had found it, and laid siege to the network. Then within 15 seconds, they “Owned the network”

The articles states:

Within 15 seconds of getting access, the bot:

  • sought out and exploited several known vulnerabilities
  • scanned the network to which the server was connected
  • stole and dumped credentials for other vulnerable machines
  • created new user accounts for its creators to use

“It completely owned the network in an automated fashion,” said Mr Rustici.

If that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will.

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