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Caution: Authorities Share Fresh Insights into Zero-Click Outlook Remote Code Execution Exploits.

Dive into the depths of recent revelations surrounding two now-patched security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows that cast a shadow over the Outlook email service. Discovered by Akamai security researcher Ben Barnea, these flaws, CVE-2023-35384 and CVE-2023-36710, offer a gateway for threat actors to achieve remote code execution on Outlook without any user interaction. The first […]

Unmasking GambleForce: A New Player in the Cybersecurity Arena

Enter the ominous realm of cybersecurity, where the enigmatic GambleForce has surfaced, orchestrating a series of startling SQL injection attacks since September 2023. Unveiling their arsenal, a report from Group-IB reveals GambleForce’s adept use of SQL injections and CMS vulnerabilities, targeting industries across the Asia-Pacific region, with six successful breaches. Distinguished by their reliance on […]

Unmasking the Threat: Trojan-Proxy Malware Hits macOS Users via Cracked Software

In the intricate dance between cybersecurity and cyber threats, a concerning revelation has surfaced – unauthorized websites circulating trojanized versions of cracked software, infecting unsuspecting Apple macOS users with a formidable Trojan-Proxy malware. Kaspersky’s security luminary, Sergey Puzan, delves into the sinister potential of this malware, highlighting its dual purpose: financial exploitation and enabling criminal […]

New DarkGate Malware Campaign Hits Companies Via Microsoft Teams

In the aftermath of the Qakbot takedown in late August of this year, the cybersecurity landscape has witnessed the emergence of a formidable successor – DarkGate malware. Employing tactics reminiscent of its predecessor, DarkGate has swiftly risen to the scene, targeting victims’ systems through the widely used Microsoft Teams platform. The article below dives into […]