Don't use these passwords... please - Velox Systems

Don’t use these passwords… please

We’ve all heard many times how important passwords are, here are a list of common passwords people use, please don’t use these as it will make breaking your password really easy.

  • Season + year (e.g. Winter 2018)
  • Local Sports Team + Digits (e.g. Seahawks3)
  • Company Name +Year/Number/Special Character (e.g. VeloxSystems2018@)

So how do you compile a good password? Think length, and random. I like to use a good password manager ( or a random word generator ( Try to get your password to be over 12 characters and yet easy to remember, like a lyric to your favorite song, a favorite quote from a movie, or just a phrase you like, then add some numbers and symbols. Here are some good ideas to get ideas flowing