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IT Services in Bend

At Velox Systems, we understand that IT services are vital to the function of a business. Thanks to our effective, quick-response IT support, you can turn your focus to more important things than dealing with computer issues. When it comes to running a business in Bend, every piece of the puzzle matters. Velox Systems is here to provide the missing piece that will take your business to the next level. Velox Systems are real people whose business is making your business faster, stronger, better. Serving Bend and Central Oregon exclusively, Velox Systems is equipped to deliver the best IT services in Central Oregon.






What IT Services Do Velox Systems provide?

If you’re in Bend and looking for information to upgrade your server hardware, or install new server hardware, then Velox Systems is your answer. Upgrading your server hardware is the single most effective step you can take to positively affect your entire workforce. Velox Systems has vast experience in new server builds and server upgrades. Take advantage of our team today to help you get to the next level of IT for your business.


Technology in Bend is rapidly evolving, and our customers are changing how they store and use data. We offer migration services and hosting solutions to bring your office network into a cloud workspace where you data is safer and your employees can be more productive and work from anywhere. We recently migrated a medical clinic into a remote workspace solution. This allows their data to be centralized, backed-up, and accessible from anywhere. We know our customers need minimal downtime so we go to great lengths to plan our migrations to fit your schedule.

Velox Systems offers a wide variety of business IT services in Bend and Central Oregon. No matter what your business needs, Velox Systems possesses the tools and experience to meet them. These services include:

  • Network design, build, and support

    Starting with a solid foundation is crucial for having an effective business. We help all of our clients get their networks within best practices so they can experience less downtime and more productivity!

  • user support

    ​We offer complete support for our users, from mobile devices to laptops to desktops, we can support your employees using their technology. We keep the devices within acceptable security standards and assist when things go wrong.

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email IT services

Having your email in a highly livable and extremely accessible space is a must-have in today’s mobile environment. We’ll work with you to get setup from scratch, or migrate you previous email into the right platform.





why outsource your iT Services?

There are a lot of reasons why you might choose to outsource IT services for your Bend organization. Businesses that are growing quickly and outpacing their current technology, or those who wish to move on to the next level, IT outsourcing is the solution. Troubleshooting your own IT is a distraction that takes away from the heart of your business. Leave it up to Velox Systems to take care of your IT solutions.

Save time

If you need IT services but lack the time to address them properly, outsourcing IT can be a lifesaver. For instance, imagine a team of highly knowledgeable technicians working for you so that your valuable time is spent on the things that matter to your business.

beat the competition

Competitive markets require every advantage available to you with managed IT services, your business can outpace your competitors. Take advantage of the IT services that Velox Systems offers to put you ahead of the competition.




network security protection

In today’s world of hackers, viruses, spam, and data theft, network security is more important than ever. For this reason, don’t leave your business on the line, Velox System’s high-grade security plan will keep important business files locked up tight. Protect your email database with firewall protection, and keep thieves hands away from your private information. Find out how Velox Systems can help your business and outsource IT.

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