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MozCon Revelations That Will Shift Cybersecurity Mindset


Last week, as the marketing specialist at Velox Systems, I had the opportunity to attend the MozCon conference in Seattle, Washington. This national conference brings together experts in cybersecurity and marketing from around the world, featuring high-caliber keynote speakers and numerous networking and breakout sessions.

During my time at the conference, I learned several important lessons that are particularly relevant to our industry (IT/cybersecurity):


• Building a community of loyal clients provides steady revenue, but also enables us to improve ourselves, learn, and grow for the future. By engaging with clients from various industries, we can gain insights that enhance our own practices.

• The Japanese concept of “Kaizen,” or continuous improvement, is essential in an ever-evolving industry like ours. At Velox, we embody this principle: if a product doesn’t work, we replace it with a better one

• AI is the hot new buzzword, but it is not a fix-all. Leveraging AI correctly requires a deep understanding of your industry, brand persona, and how these evolve. It’s crucial to adjust AI use with this knowledge.


A quote that encapsulated the essence of the conference was from SEO speaker Joel Klettke:

“The future of marketing is not an exchange of information, but a transfer of trust.”


Building a community of loyal followers and clients turns them into brand advocates. They share their positive experiences with friends and colleagues, emphasizing our good reputation and the quality of service we provide—whether in knowledge, personability, and/or promptness—year after year. Switching managed service providers is costly for both the provider and the client. Building a lasting relationship relies on fostering a community based on trust and good communication from both sides. Let’s get to work.

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