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Unveiling the Stealth: How Threat Actors Harness Microsoft Graph API for Malicious Intent

In a digital landscape where innovation meets nefarious intent, threat actors have honed their craft, wielding tools like the Microsoft Graph API as a double-edged sword. This sophisticated tactic, highlighted by the Symantec Threat Hunter Team, a division of Broadcom, sheds light on a concerning trend: the exploitation of seemingly benign technologies for malicious ends. Since January 2022, a chorus of nation-state-aligned hacking groups, including the infamous APT28, REF2924, and Red Stinger, among others, have orchestrated a symphony of cyber intrusion, utilizing the Microsoft Graph API for command-and-control (C&C) communications. This covert maneuvering was first glimpsed in June 2021 with the emergence of Harvester and its custom implant, Graphon, marking a pivotal moment preceding widespread adoption.


Recent revelations from Symantec unveil a disturbing escalation: the deployment of BirdyClient, a previously undocumented malware, against an undisclosed Ukrainian entity. Concealed within a DLL file masquerading as a legitimate application component, this insidious software leverages the Graph API to orchestrate its clandestine operations, utilizing OneDrive as a surreptitious C&C server. The modus operandi of this threat remains shrouded in mystery. The distribution method of the DLL file, along with the identities and motives of the perpetrators, elude definitive understanding. Yet, the implications are clear: the Graph API’s allure lies not only in its camouflage within legitimate cloud services but also in its accessibility and cost-effectiveness for malicious actors. As the cybersecurity landscape evolves, so too do the tactics of malevolent entities. Permiso’s recent insights underscore the vulnerability of cloud environments to exploitation, with adversaries leveraging trusted relationships to infiltrate and execute commands within virtual machines. In this age of interconnectedness, vigilance is paramount.

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