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Your business IT support solution

business information technology supportVelox Systems is a full-service business IT support firm providing a full range of services and ongoing support to businesses in Bend, Central Oregon, and across the Pacific Northwest. We offer a full scope of technical solutions from server implementation and migration to daily helpdesk services or desktop support. Our aim is to help you grow your business by implementing technology strategy, supporting your staff and systems as you grow, and protecting your data and security from cyber-threats and loss.

Implementing technology strategy

Velox Systems has a team of project engineers with the experience you need to review your business information needs and design the perfect solution to allow your business to succeed. Our engineering team will guide you through a discovery process that will allow us an in-depth analysis of your current network, server and desktop computer landscape and strategize with you for the best solution.

Based on our findings in the discovery process, the design phase entails the creation of a unique blueprint of best-in-class technologies and systems which addresses your immediate needs. This blueprint will also serve as a roadmap for the future. With years of migrations, upgrades, and business IT infrastructure design under our belts, we have the experience, and expertise to move your company into a high-production, cost-saving solution without the downtime and frustrations other business IT support firms consider normal.

Supporting your staff and systems as you grow

We know service doesn’t end at the completion of a project. At Velox Systems, we know that ongoing support is essential to keep your team moving. We have advanced IT service management software that allows us to maintain, update and monitor your IT infrastructure without any interaction from your staff. This allows us to handle your IT needs while you run your business with assurance.

We also know that issues come up. Often, employees will sacrifice productivity and live with a slow or error-ridden computer to save the company on support costs and billable hours. We offer a monthly retainer and unlimited access to the helpdesk so your staff can get the help when they need it. Our managed IT support is truly second to none. Our IT service management and helpdesk technology allows our technicians to quickly determine the issue and respond to every inquiry with a solution.

Protecting your data

protecting your dataIn the ever evolving landscape of cyber warfare, your data is more vulnerable than ever. We have quantified the best practices and industry standards of enterprise computing and made it available to every small business in the region. We provide ongoing monitoring, consolidated security software licensing, disaster and backup solutions, and firewall solutions to keep your network secure, safe and operational. With Velox Systems running your business IT services, you can work with the confidence that someone is watching for attacks. You also know that someone is there for you to mitigate and respond when a security event occurs.

So what’s the cost?

Velox Systems may work differently than most business IT services companies you’ve worked with in the past. Our approach is counter to the common business model of our competitors, which bill per incident and per hour for any work done. Velox Systems came on the scene from the enterprise business market in Portland, Oregon. There we learned the value of giving business owners all upfront costs and guaranteeing the body of what could be completed at the proposed price.

  • The Current Environment

    If you’ve used IT server support firms in the past, you may have racked up hourly charges in the $1,000.00’s. Often, these bills come unexpected, or at least unapproved. Or you have approved a set block of hours, but once that’s met and you’re half way through the project you’re forced to approve more.

  • The Velox Systems approach

    At Velox Systems, we have designed an IT support business model that recognized budgets, investment, and the value of knowing what your costs are. We propose a comprehensive solution with a single price tag. This allows you to plan ahead, and to know the work will be done without additional fees and minimal unexpected charges.

    Because our team is experienced in business IT services we know, with a great deal of accuracy, what it takes to complete a given body of work. We know how to build a solution from start to finish, and most importantly as a business to business IT support provider, we’re sensitive to the needs of your business’ uptime and productivity.

  • Managed Services

    Velox Systems on going managed services plans are structured with the same goal: to make IT services simple and a planned line-item on your budget. We offer unlimited desktop support services, network management and server support for a single, budgeted, flat monthly rate. This means that all support to ensure business continuity for your organization can be quantified in one predetermined fee. This fee is based on the complexity of your network and desktop organization as well as the servers and applications you have running in your environment.

Take a look around

At Velox Systems, we work with the customer’s best interest at heart. Your business is our business and we can help you improve, grow, and secure your data like no other provider. Take a look at some of our other services and offerings throughout our site, and give us a call if you agree that business IT support should be easier.

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