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Cybersecurity Firm CrowdStrike’s Window’s Update: Global Disruption

    Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike underwent a faulty Window’s update which led to massive global business disruptions. This incident affected industries such as healthcare, retail, and airfare. What exactly happened, and should you be concerned? Let’s break it down.   What happened with the Window’s Update? Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike’s recent Windows Update for its customers […]

Unveiling Social Engineering: Digital Deception

  You’ve seen the news about catastrophic cyber breaches, malware, and ransomware attacks. But are you familiar with social engineering? This term is becoming the new digital “open sesame” into your organization, as attackers manipulate users to gain access. In other words, social engineering is a new cybersecurity nightmare. But there is light at the […]

Disruptive CDK Cyberattack Catastrophic For US Auto Industry

At the beginning of this week, the U.S. auto industry was thrown into turmoil due to a sweeping software outage caused by a cyber-attack on CDK, the primary technology provider for more than 15,000 retail locations. This disruption significantly impacted dealer management systems crucial for transaction completion. These included profitability tracking and employee compensation management […]

Common Types of Cyber Attacks

Modern businesses need to be able to prevent cyber security breaches at any time. No matter what industry sector they operate in. However, the training and equipment to combat cyber threats often requires more time and effort than a typical business can spare. This is why an experienced IT company is so critical. It is […]

How Quickly Cyber Criminals Can Take Over

In a recent BBC article, they explain how easy it is for cyber criminals to take over a vulnerable server. And don’t think they aren’t targeting little guys, because they are using automated tools, you’re just as vulnerable as a Fortune 100 company for many attacks. A test was done by a company that does […]

Ransomeware Still a Big Problem

In a recent article from the BBC, they discuss the fact that ransomware is still a huge problem, accounting for 40% of successful breaches. Not only that, but the criminals are targeting small firms too! [See Article Link Below] So, what can you do about? Make sure your employees are well trained in how to […]

BitCoin Mining: Warning to the miners

If you are mining Bitcoins, you may want to reconsider. A new study from RWTH Aachen University shows that the ledger used to verify transactions includes illegal content, such as child abuse imagery. The ledger is stored locally on the miner’s computer, and because that content is on your computer, you are liable for it…. […]

Why You Need to Clean Up your Computer

The Norton Community recently posted a good blog on why you should clean up your computers [See Blog Here]. Here’s a brief summary on what you need to do and why it matters: Why you need to: Outdated and unused software can be a vulnerability to cyber criminals Have a clear backup system will help […]