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Ransomeware Still a Big Problem

In a recent article from the BBC, they discuss the fact that ransomware is still a huge problem, accounting for 40% of successful breaches. Not only that, but the criminals are targeting small firms too! [See Article Link Below]

So, what can you do about?

  1. Make sure your employees are well trained in how to detect spam in the email.
    • Basically don’t click links you didn’t request or aren’t expecting.
  2. Make sure your firewall is properly maintained
    • Ports should be closed if not needed
    • VPN’s should require two-factor authentication and password complexity
  3. Keep Anti-Virus working on your computers
  4. Have someone to call if you need help.
    • Have a trusted person you can discuss potential threats or weirdness with. Build a relationship now before you’re in a crisis. If you wait for a crisis, you will be needy and depending on who you talk with, you may buy a lot more than you need.