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What is RAM, Processor Speed, and Hard Drive Memory?

Picture that your computer is a house. The RAM is your floor space. Basically this is how many toys you can play with at a time. How fast you play with the toys is determined by your processor speed (measured in gigahertz). And your Hard Drive memory is how large your closet space is, basically […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we want to give a shout out to all our wonderful customers! We are so thankful that you have chosen to do business with us! Sincerely, The Velox Team

32 Bit vs 64 Bit Windows?

What do these designations mean? The two terms refer to how a computer processor handles information. A 64-bit Windows can handle larger amounts of RAM (Random Access Memory) more effectively than a 32-bit, and the difference is substantial. A 64-bit can handle nearly 4 billion times the amount of a 32-bit. Why do some programs […]

Are You Monitoring for Intrusions?

“In short, there is no way that any organization can keep it, and its customers and their data, safe all the time. Many organizations now assume they will be breached and set up monitoring systems to spot when that happens, while also training staff to react quickly to fix problems.” This is how a recent […]

Avoid email-borne virus

Several customers have reported getting an email containing a Dropbox link. These emails are coming from people they know. This is likely a result of the senders email being hacked and used to send malicious email to the victim’s address book on behalf of the spammer. Two things you need to watch out for: Be very […]