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Data Breaches: What’s Actually Reported

Are you still shredding your bills and blacking out your address on envelopes. I hope not. In this day and age your much more likely to lose you information from a data breach than from someone dumpster diving… and c’mom, I can just google your address to find out who lives there. Check out this […]

How Quickly Cyber Criminals Can Take Over

In a recent BBC article, they explain how easy it is for cyber criminals to take over a vulnerable server. And don’t think they aren’t targeting little guys, because they are using automated tools, you’re just as vulnerable as a Fortune 100 company for many attacks. A test was done by a company that does […]

How Much Bandwidth Do I Need?

How do you decide what bandwidth you need for your office? The answer to this question can cost you hundreds of dollars in lost productivity for your people, or in additional costs paying for internet you don’t need. Let’s Figure it Out Together Bandwidth Usage Here is a list of typical bandwidth suckers and then we’ll […]

Ransomeware Still a Big Problem

In a recent article from the BBC, they discuss the fact that ransomware is still a huge problem, accounting for 40% of successful breaches. Not only that, but the criminals are targeting small firms too! [See Article Link Below] So, what can you do about? Make sure your employees are well trained in how to […]

BitCoin Mining: Warning to the miners

If you are mining Bitcoins, you may want to reconsider. A new study from RWTH Aachen University shows that the ledger used to verify transactions includes illegal content, such as child abuse imagery. The ledger is stored locally on the miner’s computer, and because that content is on your computer, you are liable for it…. […]

Why You Need to Clean Up your Computer

The Norton Community recently posted a good blog on why you should clean up your computers [See Blog Here]. Here’s a brief summary on what you need to do and why it matters: Why you need to: Outdated and unused software can be a vulnerability to cyber criminals Have a clear backup system will help […]

New Team Members at Velox

We’ve Grown! We’ve been fortunate to grow in the last year and add some new teammates! You may have already spoken to them on the phone, but we wanted to formally introduce them to you! We’re really excited to have them on board, and we think you’ll enjoy working with them too! Lisa Ellefson Nerd […]

IT Services for Dental

Dentists today experience many challenges in providing the best service to their clients, and technology continues to provide excellent solutions, but also comes with challenges. And that’s why we’re here. We exist to help you experience your technology the way it was meant to be!   Maximize Patient Experience We exist to propel you to […]

Knowing Your Cables: Video Cables

Have you ever been overwhelmed why what you need to plug in with a new computer? Ever not know what cables to buy or adapters? Hopefully this blog will help with that a little. What the cables look like VGA VGA (Video Graphics Array) is the oldest video cable still used today. This cable is […]